Leadership Package

OurGV Leads

Leaders Package/Package 85 ($199/month, includes the $30 hosting)

Access to monthly advanced trainings (not including Kickoff)

3 Tickets to invite guests to the advanced trainings (not including Kickoff)

Wednesday evening Leadership Package exclusive calls with Corporate Staff

Includes up to 400 Telephone System Leads PER MONTH !!! Every Monday night you put in a request by email to service@ourgv.com with “Please Send 100 A2S Deluxe Weekly Leads” in the subject line. (up to a $400 Value a month) If you do not send this email by Midnight Central Time Monday Night, your order for that week will NOT be received.

* All of Pkg. 80 Benefits = $490/mo. or more Value

* Up To 400 FREE Leads Per month = $400/mo.

5 Day Lead Discount = $60 per order Value (20 Extra Leads)

Real Time Tel. Leads Discount = $37 per order Value (9 Extra Leads)

Phone Sys. Leads Discount = $62.50 per order Value (105 Extra Leads)

Total Value = $2500/mo. +

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